LanX 2017, by Ivan MiNDGAmE Kitching, Manager of ErAInvicta and Captian of team Cold Fusion

LanX 2017, by Ivan MiNDGAmE Kitching, Manager of ErAInvicta

Every year gamers come together to host a competitive and social gaming event knows as LanX. It is run as a professional tournament with various MGO’s and people from different clans competing for various prizes.

For this years’ LanX event I did not compete for my main competitive team ErA|Invicta, but acted as their manager, whilst competing and captaining a different team called Cold Fusion. ErA|Invicta is a competitive gaming team competing regularly in professional gaming tournaments, and team Cold Fusion is a team that was formed as a representative team from a small lan event that is hosted every month.

Both teams use a variety of Sades gear when competing and were determined to make name at LanX 2017. It was great fun with the teams meeting others and inviting many other people to join us for games as we enjoy and have a passion for gaming, competitive and casual alike.

Results of the LanX Dota 2 tournament were as follows; the winners of the tournament:  ErA|Invicta, 2nd place was Arte Bellicaand in 3rd place team Cold Fusion. I am proud of both teams as my main team won and the team that we made from scratch to have more representation at LanX came 3rd without much practice or experience as a team behind them.

Shaun, the owner of GamersGadgets supported us throughout the whole weekend and made the experience even more enjoyable and we cannot wait to compete at the next LanX.