Luna usb (7.1sound effect)


SADES LUNA 7.1 usb


  1. Virtual 7,1 surround sound
  2. Lightweight gaming headset with over eat design
  3. Soft leather padding on ear and head
  4. Adjustable Headband offers amazing comfort
  5. Led logo lighting as moon-light
  6. Unique iron mesh design on ear cup
  7. Flexible microphone, engineered to deliver clear and detailed audio
  8. Multifunction inline remote for enhanced gameplay


Loudhailer Diameter: 40MM

Sensitivity; 95db +/- 3db at 1kHz

Frequency Range: 20-20.000Hz

Impedance: 32 Ohm at 1 kHz

Distortion <5% THD

Max output Power: 10mW

Mic Dimension: 4*1.5mm

Mic sensitivity: -46db +/- 3db

Mic frequency Range: 50-10 kHz

Mic Impedance: <2.2k Ω at 1kHz

Cable length: approx. 2.2m

Input Plug : USB

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